'Pan Am' series premiere recap: Come Fly With She

I love to fly. I always have. I love the romance of taking wing above the world — I almost always try to sit by the window, to watch the landscape pass underneath in miniature, my own real-time Google Earth — and some hours later, as if by magic, either arriving in a far-flung destination or returning back home.

Which is to say, Pan Am is a show built for people like me, people who can actually slog through the security lines and baggage fees and rude passengers and cramped seats and pre-fab snack boxes of today's airline travel and still call it "romantic" with a straight face. Because, at its core, Pan Am is a show that not only lovingly recreates the golden age of air travel, but believes in the romance of it, in the idea that a young, single woman under 32 and living in 1963 New York could truly find herself by strapping on a girdle, slipping on a powder blue uniform and cap, and serving martinis to a crowded cabin of Don and Betty Drapers. And if she also happens to be an operative in international espionage, so much the better! Read More...



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