'Terra Nova' review: Little new ground covered in otherwise exciting family drama


FOX has been touting the release of "Terra Nova" for the better part of the past two years. First announced in May 2010, before a single frame was shot, its pedigree (producer Steven Spielberg) and hype make for the perfect storm of overexposure and disappointment. But "Terra Nova" does a surprisingly good job of delivering on the promise of destination TV.Following a group of time-traveling expats, the first episode takes the Shannon family from a polluted, dystopian earth in 2149 to a colony of pilgrims hoping to get it right in the picturesque, prehistoric past. The trials associated with any family relocation ensue, as does a power struggle with the possibly nefarious colony leadership, attacks from separatists the ever present threat of dinosaurs. Yes, "Terra Nova" makes a big deal about those computer-animated dinosaurs. It's the reason the first, abbreviated season took so long to make it to air -- and why it comes...



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