Glee Episode 3.02 Sneak Peek: Shelby & Rachel Sing a Duet

Idina Menzel returns as Shelby Corcoran on the September 27 episode of Glee and she will be making an extended guest appearance on the show.  We've screened the episode and will have more details for you tomorrow, but a sneak peek has already surfaced for the episode.

Episode 3.02, entitled "I Am Unicorn" has four major storylines.  The first - and probably the most important - deals with Shelby coming to McKinley High as a new part-time teacher.  But she's not alone, of course, she's got little Beth with her.  Her appearance causes an immediate reaction from Quinn (and Puck), who has become rather annoying with all of her whining since the premiere.  Shelby is prepared to let both Quinn and Puck be a part of Beth's life, but only if they make sure to ride the straight and narrow. Read More...


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