Ed & Jason leaves on Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen tonight pressured the final six. The contestants are now one kitchen and the black chef outfits are out. The final six have their first individual challenge to create a picture perfect dish. The judges are students from culinary school. Benjamin was the winner and he got a new hair cut, outfit, and a photo shoot whole the other five made the dining room look great. It had to be perfect under Jean-Philippi standard. It was a nightmare for the five. But they had some lively funny moments in which Holly and Jay chat about sex.

The first hour diner service went up in flames. No communication was on Hell's Kitchen. No one was talking and Ramsay yelled at least five times for people to talk. Ed wasn't cooking at all. His food was keep returning and saying it's raw. It happened at least six times. Jay was also falling behind on garnish but that was because Ed returned his fish a lot. After Ed and Benjamin left the kitchen, the kitchen ran smoothly.

We have a celebrity in the kitchen which it's Whoopi Goldberg. No one emerged as a leader. Ramsay said, "Benjamin can't lead." That's a strong statement. He needs to prove himself as a leader if he wants a chance at the end. The bottom two chefs nominated were Ed and Autumn. Ed went home because he wasn't improving. Ramsay things Autumn is improving. Maybe she is but I still don't see her winning. I'm ready for her to go out the door.

The second hour challenge was to make a dish under a budget of ten dollars. Holly won the challenge and took Jay for company for her reward. They went to one of the best hotels and hang out at the pool with Jean-Philippi. Holly also won a thousand dollars in cooking supplies. Holly and Jay spend the end of the reward in the hot tub where things get spicy. Some chemistry might be between those two. They are flirting with each other until Autumn ruins the mood when she joins in the hot tub.

The second dinner service is testing the chefs. He wants the chefs to communicate. He makes a challenge where that the chefs have to change stations. Jayson and Ben had a moment of crack when switching. But Jay also had his moment on meat station where it was bad news too. Ben and Jay stink tonight. Jayson is barely holding his up when he has no culinary experience. Wow! Ben got Chef Scott to be yelling at him. I never saw Scott so mad. Ben needs to learn not to do other people's things. Autumn makes it final four. Wow. She is really has improved. Or she has been getting lucky.The bottoms two were Ben and Jason. Jason goes home.

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