Gossip Girl Promo: Is Chuck Getting Too Wild in Episode 5.02?

Gossip Girl is back for its fifth season and it's bi-coastal now.  Serena is in Los Angeles, working as an assistant on a movie.  Unfortunately, her supervisor wasn't happy about rich girl Serena coming in and threatening his job, so he deliberately set her up to get fired.  But when Serena realized how lucky she was and decided to accept responsibility for the first time ever, she ended up getting another job offer in Hollywood and everything worked out.  At the end of the episode she got quite the surprise: she spotted cousin Charlie, who we know is a fraud and recentlymoved from Miami to LA.  Now "Charlie" will have to keep up the ruse of pretending to be related to Serena.

Meanwhile, Nate and Chuck decided to end their Lost Summer Tour by visiting Serena in LA.  Nate decided to become a Yes Man and ended up sleeping with the lovely cougar Diana Payne (guest star Elizabeth Hurley). Chuck has decided to engage in dangerous sports and ended up wiping out on his motorcycle. Read More...



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