'Terra Nova': Will FOX's drama stand the test of time (travel)?


Time travel and dinosaurs are the hook to get you into "Terra Nova." But the humans in the show are pretty important in terms of whether you come back for more.So after the series premiere, are the human stories enough to carry you to next week?The idea of Terra Nova that's sold to the pilgrims is that it's a place where humanity can take a second shot at building a sustainable civilization. It's a kind of Utopia, albeit one with a lot of dangerous creatures outside the perimeter fence. But there's a reason Utopian societies tend not to endure."Once the Shannon family gets there you realize, and it doesn't take too long, you scratch the surface and you realize that there is something else going on here," star Jason O'Mara said on a conference call with reporters last week. "There are splinter factions, people challenging Taylor's [Stephen Lang] rule over the place. You also find...



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