Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - Gossip Girls

Ah, it's time for a new episode of "Housewives," and given last week's episode, we have two wives set to meltdown and a bitchy diva waiting in the wings. While the last few weeks have been a bit sketchy (and the death of Russell Armstrong still hangs over the show like a bitter, controlling ghost), let's hope we can return to what "RHOBH" does best -- people with too much money fighting about nothing in particular. 
As we ended the show last week, Adrienne and Paul wait for Kim in a private jet. And wait. And wait. Finally, she shows up with some cockamamie story about power outages taking down the whole block (except, apparently, her neighbor's house, because she asked them if she could get dressed at their place -- and I'm hoping they told the crazy, naked neighbor lady to hit the road). Adrienne and Paul nod a lot. And that's all they can do, because Kim wants to talk. And talk. And talk. Kim is like a drunk, mildly insane parrot. Adrienne does not think Kim understands how much she is stressing her out. I'd like to know why Adrienne is bothering to take Kim anywhere. 
Kyle is freaking out that no one has RSVPed for her children's cancer fundraiser. But Lisa is donating dinner for four and she's coming, so we can count on some Housewife drama, I suppose.

Back to Adrienne. She's freaked out about moving the team. Kim can TOTALLY relate, because she doesn't like new restaurants. Paul looks at her like she's simple-minded. I'm with Paul on this one. Kim is trying so hard to be entertaining company, but when you're wasted, your idea of entertaining is really not that much fun for anyone else. Read More...


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