Caroline Realizes Max Wasn't Crying Last Night on '2 Broke Girls' (VIDEO)

Now that we're past the pilot, which had plenty of good jokes in it, we're starting to see what kind of a show '2 Broke Girls' (Mon., 8:30PM ET on CBS) wants to be. It clearly wants Max to have a snarky retort for absolutely everything that's said to her, while Caroline is the surprisingly grounded one.

Only it's not really working. Or at least, Max's constant quips are starting to wear thin. It's like she's trying to be Chandler from 'Friends,' without any of the moments of sincerity or reality that grounded him from time to time.

We get that this is a tough exterior of sarcasm she's built around her, but it's being slathered on a bit too thick. On the flip side, we're completely surprised to be liking Caroline more and more.


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