WEEDS “Do Her/Don’t Do Her” Review

WEEDS "Do Her/Don’t Do Her" Season 7 Episode 13 – The season finale of Weeds was much as you expected it to end, much as you hoped it would not: nothing changed. Silas did not splinter and form a coalition against Nancy. He and Nancy kissed and made up and that was the end of that. Nancy’s sister came round and she and Nancy spent the whole time bickering, and not in that witty nasty way siblings bickered on Arrested Development, but in cheap, convoluted way, like siblings bicker on…well, on Weeds.

It’s the constant problem Weeds is always faced with: the show cannot change and it refuses to change and is stuck in a cyclical universe where Nancy always remains top dog, Silas and Shane are her abused puppies too ignorant and helpless to get themselves out of a fix unless it suits the plot, Andy is stuck hanging around and acting useless, and Doug hangs out with them for no other reason than the actor is a nice guy. Read More...



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Dec 15, 2012 9:40PM EST

Here is how its going to end for season 8 Nancy will eventually go back to jail or be shunned by her family . Shane and silas and Andy will find true love happiness. Doug will be Doug it's Cecilla who shot at her.. Her son Stevie will choose mommy Jill because you want to be called mommy not mother.

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