CASTLE “Heroes and Villains” Review

CASTLE "Heroes and Villains" Season 4 Episode 2 – Going into the second week of the new fall season, I’ve noticed that a lot of shows are taking quite a turn from their premieres. Whereas last week’s season opener of Castle was dark and somewhat sad, this episode was the complete and total opposite – a return to its roots with lots of one-liners and a bunch of people in wacky costumes running around.

The team has to catch a murderer who dresses up like a super hero, which of course makes Castle as giddy as a school girl. As usual, Beckett is more than a bit skeptical about the whole thing and doesn’t think that using super hero lore will be helpful to them at all. In the end it does turn out that his clues led them to the wrong masked avenger, but by working together they do manage to find the right one. Read More...


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