ALPHAS “Original Sin” Review

ALPHAS "Original Sin" Season 1, Episode 11 – The Alphas season finale starts off with our Alphasteam tracking down the life-draining Alpha from the prior episode, Isaac Hale, while Rosen hurriedly explains that Red Flag leaders have been dropping off the grid in unusually high numbers. When we discover that one of the people being targeted by Isaac is Rosen’s daughter, Danielle, the chase takes on a new significance as she tries to evade capture by both Isaac and Rosen’s Alpha team.

Throughout the season, Rosen had occasionally mentioned that he was a father but this was the first time we actually got to see their strained relationship. Rosen’s anguish as he desperately tried to track down his daughter was so real. Knowing Rosen as he is now, it was difficult to watch the two of them interact at first. Danielle carried a lot of emotional baggage and resentment into her conversations with her father and Rosen was so anxious to find out why she was being chased that he was treating her like a teenager. Read More...


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