TERRA NOVA “Genesis” Review

TERRA NOVA "Genesis" Season 1 Episode 1 – FOX’s biggest new show this fall, the Steven Spielberg produced Terra Nova, is finally upon us. The marketing team at FOX would have you believe it’s the single largest television event in the history of the medium. However, with a per-episode budget reported at four million dollars, can it possibly live up to the hype? Or does this dino show crumble under the weight of its own lofty expectations? Read on to find out.

The pilot episode, appropriately titled "Genesis", certainly starts off in a suitably epic manner. The depiction of 22nd century earth was pretty impressive by TV standards, although wasn’t anything special artistically. It seemed like a very boilerplate representation of a planet Earth that has gone to hell, and lacked any real unique interpretation as we’ve seen in films like Blade Runner or Minority Report. Read More...



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