THE PLAYBOY CLUB “The Scarlet Bunny” Review

THE PLAYBOY CLUB "The Scarlet Bunny Season 1 Episode 2 – Remember last week on THE PLAYBOY CLUB when Maureen killed the mob boss and the rest of the 42 minutes was spent covering up the murder and trying to convince Carol-Lynne that she didn’t sleep with Nick?

Well this week, Carol-Lynne begins her "Bunny Training" which all the girls have to go through, she finds Maureen’s bloody Bunny costume, and she and Nick patch things up and get back together.

Meanwhile Nick decides to run for District Attorney and finds support from his old friends in the Mob, but not before he promises to help them find out what happened to Bianchi. Sean (husband of Bunny Alice) sees an opportunity and approaches Dalton to offer his services as a campaign director for Dalton’s District Attorney run.

The Bunnies also get some exciting news – there’s a contest that Heff is running; the girls can submit their photos for a chance to be on the cover of Playboy magazine. Maureen and Brenda are two of the finalists in the contest but Janie ends up winning. However, she has a bone to pick with her boyfriend who submitted the photos without her knowing – turns out Janie is on the run from her husband. He doesn’t know where she is, and she backs out of the cover shoot because she can’t risk him finding her. Read More...


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