THE LYING GAME “Escape from Sutton’s Island” Review

THE LYING GAME "Escape from Sutton’s Island" Episode 7 – The girls were certainly served with a few twists on this week’s episode of The Lying Game. As I suspected, it was a psych orderly that dragged Sutton away from her mother’s room in the clinic. However, I did not think that they would then admit Sutton as a temporary patient. Alec sure set that up rather well with the line "she will say she is Sutton Mercer." Now the doctor thinks Sutton is Emma because of the purse and wallet she was carrying and she has now earned herself a one way ticket to Las Vegas and probably a jail sentence as well.

Meanwhile, Emma is trying her best not to spill the secret of the switch to Mads and Char. However, the lies and confusion are just mounting. Now the crew thinks that Sutton slept with Thayer before he left for Los Angeles, although from what we have seen of Sutton, this could actually be true. The problem is that Mads asked Emma if this was true and Emma said no. Now she looks like she lied to Mads and now Emma cares what Mads thinks. What a predictament. At least Emma was able to clue the girls in to Alec’s possible involvement with her birth mother. I suspect that Mads will do some more searching on her own. She has always suspected that her father was behind Eduardo leaving and now that has been confirmed. Who knows what she will do if Eduardo dies. Speaking of, do you think that Sutton’s father would be willing to kill a man or let him die to keep this secret, whatever it may be? Read More...


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