'Terra Nova' series premiere recap: 'We've Got Carnos!'

The much-delayed Terra Nova is here in all its time-traveling, dino-chomping Lost Jurassic Avatar glory. After two years, $10-20 million, and approximately 1,789 writers, Fox and Steven Spielberg's vision of a family adventure show set in the prehistoric past has aired at last. Terra Nova is arguably the biggest wild card of the fall, an expensive sci-fi stew that must go big in the ratings to survive extinction. Whether it succeeds or not, this is easily the most ambitious TV pilot since Lost, if not ever.

And here's what happened: We open with a shot of the moon. It looks downright homey compared to a spectacularly dry and polluted planet Earth, which appears as if El Paso, Texas, sprawled out to cover the whole planet. We're told "man's only hope for mankind lies 85 million years in the past," and find our hero, Jim Shannon, wearing a rebreather mask because the air is just that bad. Read More...



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