How I Met Your Mother Review: "Ducky Tie"

A man once said, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." That man was Kaiser Soze.

Well, How I Met Your Mother's very own usual suspect pulled off his greatest trick tonight on "Ducky Tie." For the years of training Marshall like Pavlov's dog, to the time spent across the river in Hoboken to hone his knife skills, I tipp my cap to Barney Stinson. Also because I'm sure he could fling a a piece of kobe beef into it on command.

The whole unraveling of the master plan with its twists and turns would have given M Night Shyamalan goose bumps. As if that wasn't enough Stin-sationalism, the Twitter jokes using slashtags were legendary as well. I was shocked, though, that Robin noticed Lily's breasts before he did, but perhaps it was all part of the plan.  Read More...


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