Naruto Season 1 Episode 7 The Assassin of the Mist! Episode Recap

Team 7 was journeying upon a small motorboat owned by a commoner, Kaji, towards the Land of Waves. Thick layers of mist swirled around the boat. Naruto said something loudly, to which Kaji hurriedly silenced him. "Why do you think we're rowing instead of using the engine and moving under cover of the mist? It's so we don't attract attention," he rebuked. Naruto recognized his mistake and hastily covered his mouth.

Kakashi asked Tazuna why he had told Konoha that this was only a C-Rank mission, while it obviously fell into the B-Rank or A-Rank category. Kakashi then threatened to abandon the mission if Tazuna did not provide an adequate explanation. Tazuna replied that even the nobles of the Land of Waves were impoverished. He would not have been able to afford a B-Rank or A-Rank mission. Additionally, he told them that an extremely wealthy businessman called Gato was responsible for his country's struggles. Gato had monopolized the Land of Waves's trade, thus earning a massive profit at the expense of the residents of the island. Tazuna then convinced them into continuing the mission after a hefty guilt trip that involved how heartbroken his family would be if Tazuna died. Moments later, they disembarked at a small port upon arriving in the Land of Waves, and continued on foot.

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