'The Big C' Season 2 finale: Another death?


"The Big C" brought its second season to an end both literally and figuratively, as the show has said that each season of the show will be a season in Cathy's life. So fall has fell and next year we'll be looking at winter. What is in store for the Jamison family and their friends?Paul has quit job the Best Buy ... Buy More ... wherever he works. And he's kind of a cokehead now, trying to sniff a hit of coke off the snow where he dropped it and then sneaking some later after Cathy has left. That no-job thing and drug addiction ought to go well for him in the new year.While high on this coke he snorted in the bathroom, he goes to the health insurance company to yell at Daisy, the woman who is insisting they pay for an optional scan they had done that she already approved. As he leaves,...



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