Recap: On 'Dancing with the Stars' one star stumbles through the quickstep

We lost Metta World Peace last week, and there are countless lame jokes to be made about this, but really, I'd rather get on to the dancing. It's a quickstep and jive week, and these are always demanding dances for beginners, especially when some of those beginners are shaped like Weebles or are woefully uncoordinated. I'm sure we're going to see some tempers flare (and lots and lots of ice packs), but I'm hoping we see some stars rise to the (considerable) challenge. 

Hope and Maks
You’d think all that fancy footwork on the soccer field would be a huge asset in learning the jive, but not exactly. It’s as if everything she’s mastered is exactly wrong for dancing. Dammit!

I give her big points for enthusiasm. But some of her steps seem a little slow, as if she has to concentrate on remembering she’s not on a soccer field. Also, her upper body seems tight. You can tell she didn’t have enough time to get this down completely, but I still have high hopes for, um, Hope. Read More...


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