'The Playboy Club' recap: For Blood Or Bunny

I hope I'm not alone in thinking that this week's installment of The Playboy Club improved upon the last. No one was stabbed in the jugular by a stiletto, but the election plot moved along nicely and we learned a good deal about the mysterious ladies with the puffy tails. I'm filling in for Mandi Bierly this week, and she left us in good hands with this thought: "...It isn't just trying to sell sex. It's a story about secrets, and how even women wearing next to nothing can be hiding something."

This week the Bunnies and their patrons struggled to keep their secrets secret, because that's what secrets are for. Secrecy -- it's the tie that binds at The Playboy Club. Whether they were buried in rivers, disguised with wedding rings, or hidden in chests under the bed, all of the individual Bunny Problems were given ample airtime last night. With all of their diverse but equally soapy personal dramas, these women are like younger, hipper, and less clothed versions of the Desperate Housewives. Read More...



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