Alphas Review: "Original Sin"

For all the flack I have given Alphas since the premiere, "Original Sin" was such a game changer for the show and it’s direction that almost all of my original reservations about the show have been laid to rest.

Could Alphas have done a better job of mixing the procedural and serial elements of the show? Absolutely. But, the characters are enjoyable, the stakes have been heightened considerably, and this new direction is so fantastic and compelling that all of that seems trivial now.

It would have been enough had it just been Anna that was killed in the raid, but that was only the beginning. Anna was just the puppet all along, spreading the word of Stanton Parish, an Alpha who has dropped his humanity in favor of using his knowledge to begin building a new world of Alphas because they aren’t the sick and the diseased but the future. Read More...


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