'Two And A Half Men' - Life Without Charlie Episode 2 - 'People Who Love Peepholes'

The merriment continues with part two of the season’s premiere of Two and a Half Men.  Now firmly ensconced in Charlie’s place, Walden continues to charm any woman in his vicinity, including Berta, who has developed an unnatural lust for the boy. The depth of Walden’s naiveté/stupidity is being revealed as he grapples with the bare necessities in life. Unable to cope even with his personal hygiene needs, he’s on the phone non-stop with ex-wife, Bridget, who is understandably annoyed at the constant requests.

It really begs the question: just how charming is a grown man who uses baby shampoo, and is overjoyed to discover that his door has a peephole? At what point does maternal instinct turn into dread that this baby will never, ever be a man? When does a kitten become a cat, or a puppy a dog? Read More...



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