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The Sing-Off Review: Back to School

The Sing-Off introduced a bit of diversity last night, but we were still left with an abundance of college-aged kids belting out their favorites on stage. Below, I hand out my weekly grades...

Dartmouth Aires - Oh, look an all-male college acapella group that doesn't believe in stereotypical outfits. After three seasons, I'm already jaded. Their opening to "Higher Ground" had funk to it, but then there were too many sounds that didn't work perfectly and it became a lot of background garble. The end had the same exact problem, but I liked the power ending. I liked their attempt to keep their fashion sense when they were stuck wearing clothes that looked like it was from Old Navy. My Grade: B-

Penatonix - The quintet started off as a trio that gained a bassist and beat boxer with a lot of YouTube hits. Their differentiating factor was they like transforming club music into jazzy acapella. I liked the slow opening and appreciated that with only four voices doing the harmonization, they filled the gaps well. The fact that they allowed other soloists during the performance, I'll forgive he Christina Aguilera-eque vocal runs. My Grade: A     Read More...


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