'How I Met Your Mother' - 'The Ducky Tie' - Clean your plates

A quick review of last night's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as you make it sound like I've dated a series of Stieg Larson novels. 

The comedy of Drunk Marshall, and the surprise appearance of Victoria, gave me hope last week that the show might be getting back on track. But what I really needed to be convinced was an episode like "The Ducky Tie," a mix of funny comedy that didn't sell out the supporting characters and a Ted romantic storyline that felt honest and sincere and reminded me very much of why I used to like that guy once upon a time. 

There was no screwing around with Future Ted - whom I believe only narrated the very end of the episode - trying to suggest Victoria might be The Mother. No, this was just providing closure for Ted's earliest, and arguably best (it's her or Robin) significant relationship on the show. It was a chance to see Josh Radnor and Ashley Williams work so well together one last time, to be reminded of early storylines like Game Night, to get a sane outsider's perspective on the gang's weird romantic history, and to set up whatever's coming next with what appears to be a Ted/Robin/Barney/Nora quadrangle of some kind.(*) Read More...



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