A Few Thoughts on the 'Alphas' Season Finale

How about that last scene of the 'Alphas' finale? If you're anything like my spouse, your immediate reaction was, "When does season 2 begin?"

The bad news is that the next season of the show won't arrive until some time in 2012. Despite the wait, I think the network has a potential hit on its hands. If the network is smart, it will keep 'Alphas' laser-focused on intelligent writing and character development, because those elements will make or break 'Alphas' future.

If the drama's writers, cast and directors are able to capitalize on what season 1 did right, it could break out as a hit for the network.




Dec 8, 2011 10:52AM EST

Uh, I get what you're saying, however Syfy has a real bad habit of ending brilliant programming like this and everything is based on ratings and profit, like regular tv. The biggest money and ratings maker for them right not is wrestling!!! I don't understand why they even bother creating and presenting programs like this (eureka is a perfect example) and then cancelling when they neither profit or get those "ratings". I will be glad to see season 2, but hold no hope that the show will continue beyond that. Be forewarned.

Dec 23, 2011 12:09AM EST

I cant wait to see whether the ultimate tie in takes place. The doctor from ep 8 is the same as in warehouse 13 and fargo from Eureka was in that show. While Claudia from WH13 was in Eureka so whats the bet that somewhere down the track Alphas, WH13 and Eureka will do an ultimate spin off of all the beautiful groovy brilliant techie geek chic players to create a show called Alpheka House 13 lol.....

Large 1371447244 phillis wheatley
Dec 28, 2011 6:19AM EST

SyFy should think like a cable channel like HBO and stop thnking like the big 4 Alphas should be given the chance of 5 seasons then end it.. on a high note. just like it did for BSG=battle Star galectica.

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