The Playboy Club 1.02 "The Scarlet Bunny" Review

"It's not about who you are. It's about what you portray."

Near the close of Monday night's second episode of The Playboy Club, a line was uttered that pretty well encapsulated the first two episodes of the show. The Bunnies of The Playboy Club may make a living showing what they've got, but once the tail comes off, the walls go back up, as each of the five main girls are carrying around secrets that are slowly wearing them down.

Most obvious in her secrecy is Maureen, who spent her second straight episode nearly broken from her encounter with Bruno Bianchi and daydreaming about becoming something special. Before the episode ended, I was a little frustrated that everything from the pilot seemed to be wrapped up way too cleanly; Maureen had gotten rid of the men who found Bianchi's key, Carol-Lynne had believed her story of a botched robbery that caused the blood stains on her uniform, and any trace of evidence linking her (and Nick) to the crime scene seemed to have vanished. Thankfully, Carol-Lynne doesn't seem to be willing to trust Maureen from now on, despite her aptitude at remembering the Bunny Manual, which led to a wonderful exchange where you had to wonder if Carol-Lynne wasn't involved with the mob, too. The way she went about (indirectly) threatening new Playboy covergirl Maureen was rather cold and we've seen how much pull Carol-Lynne has around Chicago. Read More...


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