'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Stiletto in the Back

The episode opened with Kim prattling away into the phone, slurring that she was never late like this and she was just 15 minutes away from the airport and she looked a fright with no makeup on and this whole mess reminded her of that one day on the Disney lot. The camera swung between a speeding anonymous town car and a waiting Adrienne sternly stirring her Bloody Mary. Paul was not amused; Johnnie the bodyguard most definitely was.

"Oh my gosh, look who's here!" sang Kim as she weevil wobbled onto the private plane. She is an SNL character sprung to life: a little bit ofGrey Gardens, a bit of Three's Company's Chrissy, and a lot of everyone's sad but good-natured aunt who drinks too much at family functions. Paul wanted to immediately start her on an IV of water but our gal had excuses for her lateness to make up on the spot. See, the power went out. On the whole block! Luckily she'd already done her hair but suddenly there were no lights (the sun went out too!) so she couldn't get dressed or do her makeup. She was forced to reach out to neighbor, someone on the other block, a la Celestia. Hi there, I'm in my jammies and don't yet have my face on and the Maloofs are waiting for me. Would this be a good time to drop by and introduce myself? Read More...



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