Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 21 Review: Advance of the Fool

I know some of you were probably disappointed about no new episode last week, but now we're back on track with the continuation of the series. While recovering from his injuries, Mustang lectures Hawkeye on losing her will to fight during the previous battle with Lust. However, he continues to entrust her with watching his back, and he's more concerned now with why no one has come to finish him off. As it turns out, Envy does want to kill him, but Wrath has other plans for him. Meanwhile, Al is worrying about the state of his body, and Ed theorizes that his and Al's spirits got mixed in the aftermath of the failed transmutation of their mother, so it's possible that their bodies are connected. The two later go to visit Mustang and Havoc in the hospital, and they get involved in a discussion about how the Fuhrer might be connected to the Homunculus. Mustang ends up warning Ed not to act rashly, but he's still excited about this development and expects the fullest out of his subordinates. Havoc, however, counts himself out because he can't feel either of his legs thanks to the spinal cord damage he suffered. Not content with seeing Havoc having to retire because of this, Breda asks and gets permission from Mustang to go look up Dr. Marcoh.

Ed and Al meanwhile try to investigate on their own, and although they're not able to find any worthwhile leads, Ed does remember how the Homunculus called him a valuable human sacrifice whose death would be troublesome. He suspects that it has something to do with opening the Gate and wants to find out more from the Homunculus. By chance, he then learns that Scar is back in town. Aside from the fact that he'd like to confront Scar about killing Winry's parents, he'd also like to use Scar attacking him to lure out the Homunculus. The problem is how they would capture a Homunculus, and that's when Ling suddenly shows up to offer his services. He's still interested in the Homunculus immortality, and Ed decides to accept his help. Ed also wants Winry to stay in Central for a while longer in case Scar breaks his arm, and she shows her concern by telling him not to do anything too dangerous.

Back at the hospital, Roy learns from Breda that Dr. Marcoh is missing, and to make matters worse, Havoc is seriously getting ready to retire from military service. Havoc knows that he's useless if he can't move and wants Mustang to let him give up. Mustang decides to leave him behind for now, but he wants Havoc to catch up with him at the top. After Mustang leaves, Hawkeye tells Havoc that Mustang isn't the kind of person to abandon them. Mustang then discharges himself from the hospital and he goes to track down Ed and Al. As it turns out, Ed has been doing good deeds around town to draw attention to himself, and right as he and Mustang are talking, Scar appears and strikes. Ed springs into action to fight him while Al explains everything to Mustang, and they get Mustang's help in keeping the military away so that the Homunculus can show up. Mustang thus gets to work spreading misinformation around the military intelligence network about Scar's location. Wrath and Gluttony have already shown up on the scene. Ling and Ran Fan are waiting for them, but Wrath demonstrates such speed that Ran Fan is caught off guard and Ling shows signs of worry.

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