BODY OF PROOF “Hunting Party” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Hunting Party" Season 2 Episode 2 – Five people go hunting in the woods, but only four make it out alive in "Hunting Party," this week’s episode of Body of Proof. Apparently those orange jackets don’t work if someone is trying to kill you in order to keep you from revealing that they’ve embezzled millions of dollars.

The victim this week was a rare creature, a trophy wife with a heart of gold, who was bumped off (along with her unborn child) while deer hunting with her husband, his older kids and his financial manager. Megan suspects the husband right away, but when it turns out he’s a close friend of the mayor, Kate pulls her off the case. Is there ever a rich suspect who isn’t a friend of the mayor? Honestly, can you even tell me who the mayor of your city is? Unless you live in LA or NYC, probably not. Read More...


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