UNFORGETTABLE "Heroes" Season 1 Episode 2 – A child witnesses the murder of his parents in "Heroes," the second episode of Unforgettable, and Carrie must use her super power in order to make sense of a scared little boy’s memories.

It’s a fairly straightforward double murder of a gambler and his doctor wife who got mixed up in an organ-trafficking ring. What is the deal with stolen body parts in TV shows this season? I’m almost getting tired of the bath tub kidney removal jokes and I usually love a good urban legend reference. Turns out the doctor was murdered by her boss (the head of the ring) when she wanted out. Thanks to Carrie remembering that their son was frightened by an image of the same sort of airplane that the murderer owned, they figure out who the killer was and bring down the ring.

In the grand tradition of most detectives/crime scene investigators, Carrie identifies with the traumatized kid a little bit too much. He witnessed his parents’ murder just as she witnessed her sister’s, the only difference being that her sister’s murder is the one thing in her life that Carrie can’t remember. Although, I’m thinking now that it’s not so much that she can’t remember, but that she doesn’t want to. Read More...



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Sep 28, 2011 6:03PM EDT

its strange how a train in the tv turn out to be a plane in her memory
not that clever,, pas brillant le train devient un avion dans sa memoire

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