DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Week 2 Result Show Review

DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Episode 4 – You can almost see the slight disbelief in the smirk on Tom Bergeron’s face as he announces, every ten minutes, that no, this is not the actualresults show—that’s coming "Live at the top of the hour." It’s like he knows this first waste of an hour is wrong—and it partly guilts him. But not enough for him to not be vaguely amused by it.

Freaking ABC. I rail against the Disney corporation on a weekly basis, seemingly, but really—no channel is as openly greedy as they are. Any sort of ratings score will be mined until the cash cows come home. They are, after all, the sods who gave us a three-hour Bachelor Pad show for the season opener. Why should Dancing With The Stars be any different? Read More..



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