Rachel's Nominations on Big Brother

Rachel as HOH is Andrew. Andrew was running around like he won. This HoH room was just Rachel and Brendon room. It seems that Brendon is making all the decisions and all the blood will be on Rachel. And everyone tried to speak their peace who they thought should go on the block. Most of the house wanted Andrew on the block. This week's nominations are Monet and Britney. It's a solid decision by Rachel. I still think that there is bigger fish to fry like the four guy alliance. Or put Hayden up because he nominated her and her showmance partner up last week.

But Hayden does some shady things and has three alliances at once including now with Kristin, and Brendon and Rachel. Hayden needs to be careful because making more alliances has sent people home in the past. I think Hayden is only being friends with Brendon and Rachel for this week. Hayden is starting to have a showmance with Kristin but just not yet. Gloves will be off next week.

Monet and Britney decision is still decent. Both of them didn't really want to hang out with Rachel. Both disliked her. They didn't do anything to make a connection with her. Monet on the first day made fun of her and big boobs. Monet also said "I don't like her and she doesn't like me." Britney on the same episode said when she won "Some idiot won." Britney also made fun of Rachel with her tequila. And a cherry on the top was that Monet and Britney seemed to be aligned like an alliance.

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