GLEE “I Am Unicorn” Review

GLEE "I Am Unicorn" Season 3 Episode 2 – I’m not entirely sure what the message of "I Am Unicorn," this week’s episode of Glee is supposed to be. For three seasons, Kurt Hummel has been one of the only characters on television who is truly comfortable in his own, unique skin. Hell, he’s inspired me to love myself more.

So I find it a little hard to swallow that even in the ever-changing world of Glee-land, a young man with so much self-confidence would suddenly decide that conforming to the Hollywood ideal of the leading man is more important than being the bright unicorn that he is.

Important enough, apparently, to potentially damage his relationship with Blaine, who is arguably the best thing that’s happened to Kurt since he discovered moisturizer.

But before I dive head-first into Kurt’s issues, let’s take a look at Rachel. It can’t be easy to have your birth mother lie her way into your life, throw your whole world into chaos, ultimately decide that she doesn’t want to be your mother and then turn right around and adopt the child of your ex-boyfriend and your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Why are we so surprised that Rachel is completely neurotic? Read More...


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