'New Girl' reveals her 'Kryptonite': What's up Winston?


And so the post-Damon-Wayans-Jr. "New Girl" reveals itself...With the pilot star committed to the second season of ABC's "Happy Endings," Lamorne Morris' made his first appearance as Coach replacement Winston. Winston's introduction is a relative non-event, with the episode choosing to focus on Jess (Zooey Deschanel) getting her stuff back from philandering ex-boyfriend Spencer (Ian Wolterstorff), her "Kryptonite", according to the episode title. Upon first meeting, Winston doesn't make as big of a contribution in the plucky humor department as Jess, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Nick (Jake Johnson), but he does serve a vital role on "New Girl": the straight man. With no sign of the series easing up on the quirk, somebody needs to be a tad normal. And that definitely wouldn't be Spencer. The manipulative, scrunchy-wearer was hoarding Jess' belongings while her grieving for their relationship kept her from taking them back -- until she Dennis the Menace'd the boys' flat-screen and...



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