Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' kicks off another celebrity

So, the big scandal overshadowing tonight's results show is, of course, whether or not Nancy Grace had a nip slip. She swears she didn't, the gossips say otherwise, and I don't care. Seriously, her costume covered so much real estate it could have served as a pup tent. I really don't think it was much of a slip, even if it was a slip. Anyway, let's get on with the elimination.

We open the show with the guy dancers ripping off their shirts and shaking it all over Carrie Ann, who seems just fine with that. 

First on the block are David and Carson. Kym tells David she needs him to stop looking at her boobs. Courteney must feel so proud right now. Carson is feeling superstitious about getting three sixes. I kind of doubt that either of these guys is really in danger, but okay.

Carson and Anna are... safe. David and Kym are in jeopardy. 

Len wants to see Ricki and Derek's jive again. And, yes, it's still a fun performance. And I have to say, Ricki is looking pretty good. Twelve inches in three weeks? Not bad. Although she shouldn't hold up Kirstie Alley as an example. Yes, she lost weight on the show, but I suspect the drastic weight loss we're seeing now might have involved a little surgery. Allegedly. Supposedly. Don't sue, Kirstie.  Read More...


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