'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Una Venta': By the time I get to Arizona

A quick review of tonight's "Sons of Anarchy"coming up just as soon as I bring you my dead bulbs... 

"Can't get any worse." -Piney

"Sons of Anarchy" has to walk a very tricky line between making the Sons - as individuals and as a group - empathetic and people we want to watch for 13 weeks a year, season after season, and just making it a show about a bunch of lovable, misunderstood outlaws who may be bad, but are never as bad as the people they have to kill. For a while, I worried that "Una Venta" was going to be one of those episodes that waved away everything that Clay and Jax are up to by comparing it to the similar, but worse, activities of a fellow charter. Instead, though, the two bad seeds in the Tucson charter are identified and punished, but the charter itself votes to keep selling meth, because the money's too good and they can't afford to draw any kind of high-handed, meaningless distinction between transporting the stuff and selling it directly. And while Jax and Clay can lie to themselves about what they're doing, or the reasons for doing it, or the implications of it, it's clear that they're no better than their brothers from Arizona(*). Read More...



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