Sons of Anarchy 4.04 'Una Venta' Review

This week the Sons hit Arizona and watched the troubles of a fellow charter echo what SAMCRO itself could find themselves dealing with by working with the cartel to run drugs. Back at home, Gemma gets involved in trying to prevent the Charming Heights land development deal. Over on the other side of the law, Linc Potter became more than just a Fed sitting in a room as he goes out and gets his hands dirty, feeling out where there are people he can use in his investigation to bring down the Sons and every gang around them.Seeing that they weren't the only charter involved in the drug business was a good reality check for the boys as they were able to witness first-hand all the discord and death that being involved with drugs will inevitably bring. It was interesting to see Clay and co. step in and try to rectify the wrongs that the SAMTAZ chapter of the club had inflicted upon themselves. Clearly Clay hoped that this chapter could see that selling drugs was where the line should be when it comes to a club's involvement in this area. It was a nice expression of Clay's guilt about even letting his club go through the drama that approving the deal brought.  Hey, he can't go back with his club, but he thought maybe this one could fix their mistake. Not to mention, after being mocked by one of their charter's members, he needed to reassert his position of authority by forcing SAMTAZ to have another vote in light of the truth coming out. I wasn't at all shocked that the other club still voted it in—after they had lived with that added income from the new product for almost half a year it was no wonder that they wouldn't want to lose it suddenly. Despite the fact that it lead to the death of one member, the retiring of another, and the future ousting of two more. Literally taking one club apart from a bad decision. Read More...


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