Parenthood Review: "Step Right Up"

"Step Right Up" was another typical, lovely episode about love and family. What is so refreshing about Parenthood is their never ending love for each other and stepping up is the norm. Let's dissect what happened with the characters this week.

Haddie and Alex:

Did anyone else get angry when Alex told Haddie his problems were out of her world and he had to deal with them on his own? The only reason he had a problem was because Haddie was incapable of understanding the gravity real life situations. Dating an alcoholic, inviting him to a party and then drinking to greet him was the reason he got into trouble. Why should she skate on her responsibility?

I couldn't help feeling that Alex deserved Adam and Kristina as parents more than Haddie. Every scene with her in it felt like torture, but I loved the ones featuring Alex. When Adam went to the parents' house to fight for Alex, I wanted him to take the low road, and threaten to sue them for the alcohol doused party at their house.

But, Adam was too good for that, and spoke eloquently on Alex's behalf, instead. The charges against Alex were dropped. Read More...


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