'Ringer' recap: Cellular Disruption

Ringer spends so much time in various airy apartment spaces that I feel like it should be called Lofter. Just this week we discovered Siobhan and Andrew owned another large piece of property. It’s like we’re watching House Hunters with twins and Titanic-themed parties. Frankly I’m surprised Paige Davis isn’t somehow involved in this series (Trading Spaces reference! Pulled that out of my back pocket!). But I will say that I enjoyed tonight’s episode much more than last week’s crazy, high-pony mess.

So I don’t want to beat a dead horse on this whole real estate theme but damn do I love the light fixtures in Andrew and Siobhan’s house. Anyone else notice those in the hallway in the opening moments? They were like wonderful hanging orbs of loveliness. But I digress…so this episode opened up with Bridget, still faking her way as Siobhan, and hubby Andrew catching up. Apparently, they decided to send Andrew’s daughter, Juliet, to Miami to have her deal with her drug addiction. Really folks?!?!? Were all the hotels in Ibiza booked?!?! Miami to deal with drug addiction?!?!? I realize her mother lives there but that seems like the most ridiculous decision ever. But then again this is a show where estranged twin sisters decided to take a speedboat ride mere minutes after a six-year reconciliation. Read More...



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