Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 29 Review: A Fool's Struggle

After the encounter with Father, Envy takes the Elric brothers back above ground to Wrath, though he has Ed take a shower first. While he's got a moment alone with Al, Ed reveals what he saw at the Gate, and Al reveals that he's still got May Chang with him, hiding inside the armor. The two are then escorted to a meeting room with Wrath and Mustang, and Mustang explains how his subordinates have essentially been taken hostage. Even though Wrath refuses to reveal anything new about the Homunculus plan, given what he already knows, Ed wants to quit being a State Alchemist. Wrath, however, threatens Winry and forces Ed to remain in the military, though he does allow the brothers to continue their journey to try to return to their old bodies. Mustang is going to stay put as well, though he does ask Wrath if it was he who killed Hughes. Wrath reveals that it wasn't him, but he doesn't reveal who really did it. Although Mustang and the brothers are now free to leave, Wrath stops Al first and stabs his armor. Fortunately, the blade comes out clean, and May Chang survived by hiding herself in Al's leg.

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