Parenthood 3.03 "Step Right Up" Review

Learning how to put your pride aside and accept help can be pretty hard to do, especially if you're trying to be independent. Even though we're all human and nobody can be great at everything, sometimes it takes an extra bit of effort to show vulnerability and to express the fact that you don't have it all together. It doesn't make you weak or any less of a person, but the inner perfectionist in all of us just won't seem to let us budge, at least until things get very hairy.

In "Step Right Up", Parenthood's third episode this season, the Braverman family are leaning on other people and while it may come naturally for some, others aren't taking it as well. My favorite storyline of the bunch had to be Drew's and it's not just because we've barely seen him since Seth (John Corbett) disappeared at the end of last season. After meeting a girl from the neighborhood at his family's garage sale, Drew works with his grandpa Zeek to try and gain the confidence to ask her out. Parenthood's bread-and-butter may be familial melodrama, but this season, they've really knocked the "relationship beginning" ball out of the park; Sarah's time with Mark has been consistently stellar and now Drew's burgeoning connection with Amy has gotten the torch while the elder Braverman's love life was on vacation for the week. Everything involving Drew and Amy was so tender and grounded, from the ache that emanated when their second encounter went poorly to the relief when he "sealed the deal" and asked her to a movie. Not to mention, allowing Zeek a chance to impart some sage grandfatherly advice and further cement his bond with Drew, which began growing around Thanksgiving last season, allowed similarly underused Craig T. Nelson to turn in some typically fine work. Read More...


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