AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Kristin Cavillari” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Kristin Cavillari" Cycle 17 Episode 3 – So it’s yet another episode of America’s Next Top Model, and it’s kind of amazing at this point that after over a dozen cycles and dozens of models, the one joke that the whole appeal of America’s Next Top Model has not yet gotten old. That’s pretty damn impressive now.

So the main challenge is an interview on Extra with that Mario Lopez guy and the girls are split into two groups and the group who’re least disastrous get immunity for the next round of judging. Allison nether vomits her words or claws someone’s eyes out and by default she’s a standout and almost single-handedly leads her team to victory.

One thing you cannot fault America’s Next Top Model on is their photoshoots. Over the course of the cycles they have shown some pretty awesome photoshoots and this one, taken while the models are on stilts, is no exception. Read More...


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