REVENGE “Trust” Review

REVENGE "Trust" Season 1 Episode 2- Emily Thorne’s grand scheme to avenge her father continues and, surprisingly, the second episode is just as good, if not better, than the pilot. This is often the case.

Pilots are retooled and reshot so many times by a network that they can often feel overcooked when the time they reach the television screens. Second, third and fourth episodes are often where the creative people can have a lot of fun: they’re setting up a lot of things without worrying about maintaining pace, rhythm, believability (problems which arise in the midpoint of a television season) or without worrying over cancellation, continuation, cliffhangers, execution of the setup payoffs, as happens with the last handful of episodes. The fact that Mike Kelley (creator of the show and co-writer of this episode) and his team are able to execute the second episode as well as they did bodes well for the rest of the show. Read More...


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