MODERN FAMILY “Phil on Wire” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Phil on Wire" Season 3, Episode 3 – Stella might be my new favorite character onModern Family – if not my new favorite character, she’s definitely my new favorite television dog. I don’t know if they planned it, but it’s as if Stella has filled in the void left by baby Lily growing up.

Now that Lily is a walking, talking toddler, Stella is the one that sits calmly in the background while the family goes nuts around her. They manage to get Stella to look directly into the camera the same way all the other characters on Modern Family do and without doing any special tricks, Stella seems like she knows exactly what is going on in the scene.

Jay’s relationship with Stella had me cracking up. I’m a dog lover, so none of the things he was doing seemed too crazy to me, but considering that he was against having the dog in the first place, it was hilarious to see how Stella had become his favorite companion. Read More...


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