One Piece , Season 10 Episode 435: Magellan's Strength! Bon Clay Flees!

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The previous episode really left me feeling like the show had taken a terribly awkward turn as it basically went for some poop jokes, almost feeling like it was a gag episode written by some fans. Thankfully, this episode takes us to a much better place as it brings a one on one match to the forefront down on level four where Luffy, Bon Clay, Buggy and Mister Three are all flitting about. As has been the case for a bit now though, Buggy and Mister Three are still doing their best to get the hell out of there while Bon Clay is enjoying hanging out with his long time friend.

Both main arcs of this episode play out fairly well, especially in comparison to what we had last week. The primary arc is that with Luffy and Magellan as the two have finally come fully face to face and Magellan has reached his limits. He's an interesting character for at least a moment as he congratulates Luffy on embarrassing him like no other has but then promptly going after him to take him down, doing his best to kill him on the spot. As Bon Clay reveals, Magellan has eaten the Venom-Venom fruit and everything he touches when he's like this dies instantly. Even more fun to watch is how Magellan controls his poisons and uses them to create multiple liquid dragons that hunt or he creates bubbles that burst into poisonous clouds that spread over the entire area. Luffy's stymied by this since he can't hit him since he'd die, and the episode focuses mostly on this frustration until he can come up with something resembling a plan. He is Luffy after all and there's always one more trick to try.

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