THE X FACTOR (US) “Auditions #3: Chicago/Seattle” Review

THE X FACTOR (US) "Auditions #3: Chicago/Seattle" -

So being that I’m coming into this new (American) series a week late (Belfast, Ireland was lovely, thanks for asking) I suppose I should give my initial impression before going into the particulars.

Let’s get this out of the way: The X Factor is American Idol. The producers (of which Simon Cowell is included) seem to know exactly what worked on A.I., and basically snatched it up—and then made it bigger. Now "bigger" isn’t necessarily better—in many ways it’s cringe-inducing, the way the show overstates its points and lingers WAY too long on sobbing backstage moments, and the word "manipulative" can be heard on the tongue of every critic who’s covered this fledgeling show thus far… but it’s not like you can deny that it’s bigger. From the broadened contestant pool (which I heartily endorse) to the prize money (which should snap up just about every potential and halfway-qualified A.I. contestant), this monster is, well, a monster. Read More...


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