FREE AGENTS “Dr. Hu” Review

FREE AGENTS "Dr. Hu" Season 1, Episode 3 – I’ve never questioned the masculinity of a man holding an umbrella, but that was the theme of this week’s Free Agents. After Emma provides unwanted commentary during Alex’s pitch to an important client, the two of them butt heads in the office as Emma tries to claw her way out of her assistant position.

There was something about this plot line that felt backwards to me. As funny as she is, Emma is obnoxious and rude. Her character’s attitude would normally make her difficult to root for, but because all the guys in her office initially wanted to "destroy her" I ended up really wanting her to succeed.

Even though Alex wasn’t keen on the destruction plot, he was just as invested in her failure as the other guys. He tells Emma to "cool her jets" and join the team in a respectful fashion, but despite seeing how motivated she was by the new opportunity, he never offered her an option to be involved in that project besides returning to her desk and answering phones. I kept thinking of Ugly Betty as I watched because Emma reminded me of both Betty and Amanda wrapped up into one sociopathic package. Maybe the only difference is that no one has told Emma that she is stuck in a dead-end job. Read More...


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