UP ALL NIGHT “Working Late and Working It” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "Working Late and Working It" Season 1 Episode 3 – Regan and Chris clash over their post-baby sex life and Ava confronts a former flame in "Working Late and Working It," the third episode of Up All Night.

After a long day slaving over Gwyneth Paltrow’s ricotta gnocchi, Chris is disappointed when Regan’s idea of getting comfortable for dinner doesn’t include anything see-through or lace-trimmed. But how can he possibly bring this up to her without seeming like a tool? According to his new friend, fellow stay-at-home dad Reed (Will Forte…who I sincerely hope we see more of soon…and feel free to interpret that statement in all possible ways), the best way for Chris to help Regan find her sexy again is to bring on his own brand of sexy. Tight shirts, tighter jeans…is it any wonder it backfires horribly?

Understandably upset that her baby’s father expects her to come home from a fourteen-hour day and play sex goddess, Regan takes his request to a hilarious extreme by coming to the breakfast table in a full evening gown, complete with long gloves. But ultimately, with a little help (and a thong) from Ava, Regan realizes that she can be comfortable and be sexy at the same time. Read More...



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