PARENTHOOD “Step Up Right” Review

PARENTHOOD "Step Up Right" Season 3 Episode 3 – Aw shucks this show is good. It’s the definition of feel good television without the sappy quality that makes "feel good television" borderline insulting.

Drew, who had often been relegated to third tier, has a major arc when his grandfather pushes him to ask a girl out. It’s an effective storyline which could have quite easily felt clichéd though the actors handle it with enough sensitivity so that it feels totally real, which has always been Parenthood’s forte. Hopefully this arc will provide Drew with enough of a storyline so that he can move into the foreground of the show, instead of skulking around the background.

The story arc of Alex’s arrest was pretty much resolved as the parents of the fellow he hit drop charges after a visit from Adam. It was a satisfying way to resolve a solid but unremarkable story arc. Much more could have been made of this but one of the major problems with the show is that it is so determined to remain in the realm of realism that it something will resist going for more outlandish storylines which would be far riskier, but might ultimately provide more interest. It’s the nature of the show and it has kept the show grounded in reality, but sometimes you’d wish that the show would just really charge head on into a wall. Read More...


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