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Free Agents' Anthony Stewart Head on his Dysfunctional Character, 'Buffy' and 27 Pets

Exclusive: 'Free Agents' Anthony Stewart Head on his Dysfunctional Character, 'Buffy' and 27 Pets

You may know Anthony Stewart Head as the pervy, Michael Scott-like, socially unaware boss on the new NBC comedyFree Agents.  But I simply know him as Giles, Buffy's upper-crust watcher in the cult-favorite television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I spoke to Head, the actor who played/plays both roles at the press tour this summer about BuffyFree Agents, and just how much of an animal lover him and his wife are.  

A cardinal rule of interviewing anyone from Buffy is that no matter what current project they're working on,Buffy must be mentioned.  So I brought it up first so we could segue into his new role on Free Agents.  I asked Head if he's still in touch with his costars from a show that actually began its run in 1997!  Head emphatically responded, "Oh God, yes!  I think of it [his time on Buffy] so fondly! Emma [Caulfield, who played Anya] just came to London not too long ago.  Alyson [Hannigan] and Alexis [Denisof] I see when I come to town, Sarah Michelle [Gellar] sends me films of her daughter growing up and I hope to see her when I'm in town now.  Nicky [Nicholas Brendon] I just saw at Comic Con, Joss [Whedon] I just saw at Comic Con, so yes.  James [Marsters] I haven't seen for awhile, but when he was playing in England, I went to a few of his gigs."  Read More...


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